Samsung UN46D6900W Reviews

UN46D6900W Reviews: Read What Samsung Buyers Have Said

Over 94% Rate it at Four or Five Stars!

Owners sent these UN46D6900W Reviews to Samsung, and are obviously very pleased with their decision to buy it - 94% of them rate it at least four stars, and of those, 80% gave it the highest (Five Star) rating! Here's a sampling of what they had to say about this set:

From WV: "I went in to the store today with another brand in mind and after looking at the sets side-by-side it was easy to tell that the Samsung models excelled in picture quality. I wanted a Smart TV and this set delivers in every way. Nice menus and easy to set-up right out of the box....So far I am very pleased. I was able to navigate in the smart hub and download Netflix and start watching movies within minutes after setting the tv up."

From IA: "The picture quality of this tv. is great. The sharpness is almost to defined. Shows almost look fake."

From CA: "Awesome TV. Easy as pie setup. Light weight, I hung it by myself. Wireless built in!. Apps! ALLSHARE is awesome! Can't go wrong with a Samsung product. I highly endorse this TV"

From CA: "We keep finding new features that Best Buy didn't even tell us about. Its the gift that keeps on giving! :)"

From CO: "This TV has to be one of the BEST technology related purchases I've ever made for the money. The picture quality on this, even with SD is amazing. The design is impeccable so that it's almost as if you can't even see the outer bezel. It's like the image is just floating in space.
The TV has tons of features, some of which I haven't even used yet and the built-in Wi-Fi is a major plus! It's already loaded with apps like Netflix and Facebook as well. I LOVE this TV!!"

From IL: "i love my tv. the quality is insane.. the picture amazing... Everything even the way the integrated internet works its all a + in my book... i would definitely recommend to a friend and customers."

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Samsung UN46D6900 3D LED HDTV

Here Are Some More of the Rave Reviews Owners Have Written

Here are some more UN46D6900 Reviews. As you can see, people have just fallen head-over-heels in love with their Samsung UN46D6900W sets. Here's more of what they have to say:

From TX: "I wanted to buy a sony tv around the Black Friday for at lease 2 months before the time. 1 week before Black Friday, I finally went to go purchase the tv but first I decided to go look at the other ones. None of them were looking good until I saw this Samsung tv right next to the same sony one that I originally wanted but for a little bit more money. Long story short, I stood there for about an hour and 30 minutes asking questions, looking at reviews and getting opinions. I decided to get it and I am glad I did. No problems yet and I love all of the smart apps on it. I would very much so recommend this product to a friend. I did and he go the same tv as me -_-"

From CN: "I like the fact that I have a lot of different options available to me. 3D is great i think better than in theaters.

From WI: "After a long time standing at the wall of TV's almost ready to give up, my sales rep showed this TV to me. Needless to say I bought it and brought it home. First thing was I carried the TV in myself with no problems, it is very very light for a 46". Assembly was a snap, 8 screws total (I used the supplied base). Connections were easy, they even include a dongle cord for component video. Basically a plug and play TV, fired right up and it ran through the initial setup. I have WiFi at my home so I punched in my info for that and it connected right away. I would suggest (as hard as it may seem because you just want to sit and watch the great picture quality) to run the software updates right away. It links up to online streaming video with ease and the overall quality is great. I would defiantly recommend this to family and friends. Last note, the 3-D looks awesome on it!"

From TX: "This isn't only a TV, it is an entertainment appliance. This TV replaced a couple of devices in our home. I was surprised to find out that it had WiFi built-in. This was a feature that I wanted, but didn't know was installed until I turned the device on. This TV has everything one would want."

From VA: "bought this tv to replace my ancient 27 inch crt. The features and the picture just blow me away. As with the store display, the picture was far and away better than the competition. Great TV."

From VA: "Everything has been easy to use an operate along with connecting other devices to the all share program.. My Hats off too you samsung.... Awesome Job an Thank You for all the hard work..."

From CA: "The best TV I have ever owned and so many features!!! This is a trend setting TV with so many features! You can't go wrong with a Samsung screen!!"

From CA: "I bought this T.V. a couple of months ago, although I have always been a loyal Sony customer when I compared the two I had to buy the Samsung. The picture is Incredible, when I watch it sometimes its like looking through a window I'ts just that clear. I'm very happy that I made the change and so is everyone in my house. I highly recommend it to anyone shopping for a new T.V."

From IL: "The quality of the picture is amazing, especially in 3D. I can check facebook, listen to pandora and even surf the web. This Tv was worth every penny."

From LA: "This TV has the most impressive picture quality that I've seen in my life. The quality from High-Def sources looks AMAZING! 3D is the cherry on top!!!"

From SC: "Having purchased other electronics made by Samsung, I didn't have any qualms when it came to adding an additional t.v. to my home. I am still getting to know my newest addition, but am in awe of the picture quality and having everything right at my fingertips with the innovative remote. I am thoroughly pleased."

From CT: "We got this TV to replace an existing 37" plasma. The picture quality difference was startling. It provides an extremely realistic and detailed picture. The Smart Hub has a lot of good apps. We have used the Vudu one to view HD movies and it was great. The wireless (included) adapter connected easily to our home network with minimal setup."

From IN: "The picture quality is amazing. Samsung has really created a great Smart TV. It is user friendly and so easy to set-up. I love it!"

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